Tuesday, March 11


Tonight I get to accompany my niece to the swimming pool!! Today at lunch I was informed that I would use Penny's razor on my legs. In other words she will not be seen in public with hairy man legs. How nice of her... Can't just accept me for who I am.. Ok so I guess they do scare me a little too. I didn't have time to shave them this morning, I decided being on time for work was more important..

So far I've been stood up by guys twice this week.. Men, can't live with them, can't live without them. Then tonight they invited to geek it up... I told them if I could fit it into my busy social life I might swing by to play some StarCraft.

Maybe I will slurge on a underwater dispoable camera for tonight.. Also fuel went up another .3 cents. Grr.. so we are not at $1.17 a litre... So I am hoping the wholesale club hasen't raised their prices yet, and I can still fill-up at $1.14.. My car has been acting so werid on it's usage. The last tank I thought I would get great mileage then I let it run for like a hour while chatting to a friend. grr... This time I only put it 45.00 dollars.. I just want a motorcycle. Thats my goal for this summer.. Let my siblings drive my car.. Then I can be a cool biker babe..


lovinit said...

yes i hate gas! now that its nicer out i have been biking more. instead of driving to work this morning i biked! hopefully i can bike to church and work tomorow.. but i might have to leave a little bit earlier!

Benjamin said...

Ack, everywhere I look there's a mention of being stood up! I'll never manage to live it down! :S