Saturday, March 22


Good Friday Fun!

This is from two days ago I think..
Cora and I playing in the mirror

Photo Shoot with my favorite baby, new hair, and skinny me!!

Mommy and Baby at Spa Party (pics mebbe on FB)

Baking my heart out!

Two Pumpkin Pies

What a kitchen looks like mid-process :)

Baking in the oven! 3 Apple Pies

Glazed and prepared with love by Shantel, Tamara & Darci.

Finished Product!

I wanted to make banana bread too. But need more supplies. So maybe tomorrow. But my housesitting fun and freedom also ends tomorrow evening.

Ps sorry for the stacking of posts! but I had to catch up. Also Steph was correct for the guessing where my B&W photo was taken. As soon as I slow down long enough to mail you, a surprise will be coming your way.
Prize well that is yet to be determined.. How about candles? or Pie?? or hmmm the options are endless!


Tamara said...

The hair looks fabulous, you look fabulous, the pies look divine! lol And I must say that counter picture has crossed the line of creepy lol

Benjamin said...

If I was rich, I would actually hop on the next plane and fly over just to have a piece of that apple pie.

Also, 2:49 AM :o! You're a trooper!

Bonzai said...

Ooo i like the new hair! Those pix of you and Cora are soooo cute! Yummy pies!

Christy said...

Your hair looks amazing! And so do you! You go girl!

When can I pick up my pie?? I like pumpkin!

Charlene said...

Yum! Pie! You and the baby look great together. You are starting out looking like a wonderful Auntie for that girl! Contest it up! I can't wait!