Thursday, March 6

A week's worth of updating.

Yesterday was the most eventful day of my week.

I put putty on a few more holes and attempted to seal the seams in the drywall. Then I went to get some blood taken. The actual needle wasn't that bad. But the after effect was pretty hard to handle. I read the signs saying if you feel dizzy please let someone know and sit down.

Well being stubborn I walked out and made it through the doors and thought uh oh I'm a little dizzy. I went to the edge of the building and had to sit on the sidewalk, everything was going black and I felt woozy. It took about 5 Min's for this to pass. Finally I was able to stand up and know I wouldn't pass out.

I proceeded to Penny's to pick her and Cora up for portraits at Wally World. First we forgot her dress, then she wouldn't smile. At 6 we went back to try again, with the dress in hand. She smiled but we had the hardest time capturing it. Then we tried to choose our photos and there was some confusion. The end result I only paid $11.20 after taxes!! She only charged us for the second sheet. Restoring my faith in the photo department.

I watched 4 movies this week. The worst was The association of Jesse James, The Invisible showed all the scary parts in the trailer and was predictable but good. Die Hard 4 was sooo good. Very cool action scenes. Across the Universe was interesting and I loved the music. But has some nudity.

Weight update!! I am at 132!! Which I probably shouldn't be announcing on the World Wide Web. But I am excited :)

This morning I walked with my mom and took my vitamins.

Ultra Productiveness is coloring a Easter picture for Fast Lane...

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Happy St. Paddy's Day said...

good up date Darci,. . and i guess you want to shout your weight to the world... WAY TO GO!!! that is awesome.

i got blood work as well.. we should have hooked up .. i would of sat by you and passed you some mentos...*smile* - sorry that no one was there to save you. eesh.