Wednesday, March 19

In Faith I speak but without love it's nothing.

(Warning none of this might sound correct so just fill in the blanks)
gosh... I just lost all my formatting.. sorry...

I had planned on starting my updates. But lets just start with the now.
I slept till 9:30 got up and did nothing. Thought about cleaning. Made the kids clean. Did more nothing. Called a friend. Remembered a few things to do downtown. So I went to work and passed out Gingersnaps (compliments of my sister) then to Curves and told them I couldn't sign up cause I hate the idea of going when it's sunny outside. Then I checked out the Urban Color and the amazing purses!! (I gave myself a day off and if felt grand!)
Then I did some retail therapy but only spent 65.00 :) Photos to come.

Tuesday night I was at my sisters and so I hopped on the scale and I am around 127-128!!!! (sorry no Modesty this time) I just can't eat when I am wound up and I know that My God is bigger then my need for sugar and food and sleep. Now that doesn't mean I never need it again. I am so lost if I skip meals, and mean when I don't sleep.

But I have had my will reformed by the potters hand in this past week. I can no longer sit by idly if I don't agree. I must say something as gracefully as possible. I might be stirring a few pots but only because I need to see some change NOW.

I wish I could articulate everything that was said at home group tonight. I love my small group. They are SO amazing. and my church.

So tonight we prayed for my husband because I want God to love him right back to restoration. Cause I need him beside me and I need to be with him. I miss him terribly. But I want God to make me the wife/woman I need to be.

So it's hold on to my promises and let my protector fight the good fight. HE WILL WIN! and when he does we are going to celebrate! Cause my Samurai is a mighty warrior who I have not always been nice too. But I love him and want him to know that his Princess is waiting in the Castle to be rescued. She will wait always and forever for him and only he can slay the dragons and get to her.

God is bigger then me and him, and loves us both more then I can fathom.

So much is hold your breath cause I can't let all my secrets slip out yet.

But cool stuff is happening! Oh oh.. My thoughts are coming and going..

Oh yes if you read anything that doesn't have an author attached on it. I wrote it... :P

But I've never had the courage to actually admit it. I will post more later.

Good night!

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Gwen said...

Good for you, Darci. As your day is, so shall your strength be. God WILL work things out for His glory in the end. Don't worry.

I'm just a leeeetle bit jealous of the weight loss, though... :)