Thursday, July 26

Well 2:30 and I've finished all the tasks I can think of and some brand new ones. So I took photos of my room last night but didn't get a chance to post them.

I am going to look for moulding for my window and some blinds or curtains. There has been too many times when I am changing and look out the window and realize I'm in full veiw of the family.. AUGH..

Today is one year since Corbett and I started couting(dating) and approx 5 months married!! Thats what happens when you know each for four years, and like each other from the start :)

I bought some cute and lacey for a surprise yesterday, but didn't even remember till last night that it was our 1 yr.

So I think he has something up his sleeve cause he drove me to work and then took the car.

Last night I didn't get the screen in the window properly and it fell out, resulting in both of us being eaten alive by bugs..I miss no bugs in Victoria. They suck so much. I don't enjoy going to the lake becuase there are so many biting insects.

I have a new dress for Saturday and the weddings!! it's White and linen, Ankle length.. With two diff necklaces to choose from.

Next week I might get to take level 2 first aid. I am excited about that. it's something diff. Plus I will get saturday off. Woot! Then on monday I will have so much paper work to catch up on. eww. but no boredom at least. Sounds like I have a new job to learn. So I'm off to get busy. Oh yeah Must check out this blog. Very entertaining.

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