Saturday, July 21

New Job

Today was secret agent training. Meet at a earlier disclosed location, hand over keys. Hop in get away van and be dropped back off at training. To twiddle my thumbs until the phone rings or I find some filing to do. I am a getaway car driver!!! Real title is Appointment Cordinator at Ford. But today I did some pick-up and drop off's of repaired vehicles.
I started on Monday, I've been learning the ropes. New computer system, new phones :) Learning how to make appt, extract info from the mechanics on repairs. I've been told i'm too quiet in my corner, my corner is definitly not quiet though, with mechanics, phones, and office ppl running around. Our phone girl seems to be always phone. Only 22 mins left today.. Yesterday I spent my first day off, painting my walls Jet Set gray. Next color is Pic Nic green, and then blue for the bathroom.
A few days later :) well one week down! Walls are JetSet and PicNic Green!

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