Tuesday, January 8

And another post!!!

Tamara & Stephanie, I must give you credit where credit is due. I would've never come to blogger if it wasn't for you two. Tamara for telling me "it's cool" and Steph for moving so far away that I wanted to keep update on all her adventures. I love reading every ones blogs and being able to feel like we just had a nice chat over a cup of coffee with photos! But Tamara you are right, We need to coffee and soon. I miss real friends, I mean live living ones not just e-buddies. I am way too much of a loaner for my own good.

Back to the other reason I posted. Another blog which has affected me much more then I will ever share is PostSecret. Now this site is not for everyone or for most people. Frank posts real live secrets on there. Some are 18+ and I don't approve. But that's not the point. There is a community spirit building behind this blog like no other that I have ever found. I have poured out my heart to these strangers more then anyone alive in the last 48 hours, and people have been amazing. Asking pointed questions, giving good advice.
Now that I've shared my little secret with you, please don't go looking for my secrets. But hey if you find them, please just pray for me. Don't share them with everyone you know. Thanks!!
But do know that I warned you the site is for faint of heart.

This is a secret off of the blog,
that touched me so deeply this week.
(ps I'm a dork and didn't realize webdings font meant "webdings")


Christy said...

I love post secret! I check it out all the time! I have never posted my own secret but maybe one day!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you enjoy my blog :)

I'm going to check out postsecret, it sounds interesting.

Tamara said...

I checked out post secret after the last time you told me about it at cell...stinkin FUNNY! Sometimes lol On Sunday let's plan an official coffee date.