Tuesday, January 22

A week.

Lizard Girl & Dragon Boy Adventures in the sunny cold.
Last Wednesday the doc told me I have ezemca.. here's a prescription.. I only ready had the cream, and it's starting to clear up. Frustrating.. Not itchy but i have really bumpy elbows and knees and the backs of my hands. I started calling it Lizard skin, and husband nicknamed me Lizard Girl, so he became Dragon Boy. (he is not allowed to call me that though.) We had a little run in with a local fishing store and trying to return one of Corb's presents. This lady's customer service was the worst I've run into in eons. I sure hope it's also the last of it. She ended up calling me to apologize and then retracting that apology later when talking to the husband. Not impressed. So now we have a $80 Gift Certificate...

I've been sleeping huge amounts lately and it never feels like enough. Although this morning I woke up at 6:20 feeling quite fresh ed. I think I might have found a good waking time finally. Ohh and I finally had a little chat with my boss last week. Although I didn't' get a chance to ask about having Monday's off. But he did say that he is OK if I quit at anytime.. I have another job possibility but I have to take my Resume in. That would include making sure it was presentable. My To-Do list is starting to overwhelm me. Dragon Boy and I watched two movies last night. (personally I was happy with watching just one and doing something else with the 1.5 hours of zoning. But he said No) We watched Stranger then Fiction which I really liked, then we watched Blades of Glory which was funny in some parts.. But not a fave of mine. (lots of sexual references)

OH YES! On Saturday night we played Texas Hold'em at work, and I kicked some serious butt! I won $100 dollars, but only took home $90, because I played a third game. (which I shouldn't have because it was SO bad) It was a great night. But I already have the money spent.. no Gym pass this time ;(

Ohhh and I've lost 4 lbs. I also found out that I can't wheat, I get so nauseous and sick feeling after eating it. For some reason I forget or think I can handle it, then I end up so sick feeling. It's happened almost every day for a week. Blah..
I've been doing better not eating sugar too. My goal is to be 115 lbs and if I lose 2lbs a week until May I can do it. But I need to incorporate some exercise and figure out how to count my calories properly.. I'm using http://www.sparkpeople.com/ which is great but sometimes it's hard to count my calorie intake. Once I started realizing how many calories are in a bag of chips or chocolate bar, and how long it takes me to burn off 350 calories. My brains says NO don't do it. Plus it saves money too.My new snacks are Quaker Crispy delights, Butter popcorn, they are puffed rice chips. So yummy and only 90 calories.

On Sunday it was sunny and beautiful, on our way to church I had a brainstorm. Lets hike into Kelanza creek. So we bought lunch, drove out there, to find at least 3 feet of snow. I decided to see how it was for walking on. There was two ski trails that had compacted. So we started in. Then He decided to ask, how long of a drive is this normally? oh about 5-7 minutes. Ugh that's like 30+ mins to walk! Poor guy just had runners and a zip up hoodie, and I was in a down jacket and snow boots. It was a great walk, only wildlife we seen was a spider. I took lots of photos, which I post later sometime. I was so cold, I started losing my balance and feeling quite sick.. The wheat effect again.. We made it back to the car and poor Dragon boy was freezing cold. Next time I shall make sure he is better prepared. I totally forgot to bring hydrates so I was dying of thirst by the time we made it back to civilization.

Anyone else see the news headlines about Heath Ledger.. He's left us.. no more handsome smiling face. I loved A knights tale. Goodbye Heath.

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