Thursday, January 10

Happy Birthday!!!!

To my Husband!!
The man on his boat from 2006.

This one is from 2003 I think.. When we first met.

I will post later with details of birthday fun, I am still waiting for him to wake up.

(small update)
After almost 4 nights of not sleeping. I slept the whole night!!!!
Woke up at like 7 (my internal alarm still works)
My World is starting to re-settle again.
(it always seems to need to 180's and dump everything upside down
so that I'm not to comfortable in my bubble)

PS. People who are dropping in here from all over the world
and not commenting better start soon!
I do have a site meter on here (just so you are aware).
Lately I've been paranoid about the footprints I leave on this world wide web.
I have made it easy for you to leave a comment, please do.


Tamara said...

Haaaappy birthday, YO! I'm jealous of Corb's boat..I've always thought it would be cool to live on the water.

Bonzai said...

Tell Corb happy birthday for me!!!!:D And tell him that i hope his birthday was great and filled with lots of monkey filled awesomness!!