Monday, January 7

How Green are you?

This will quite a random post with additions when I think of them.
Maybe a quiz then some of my own musings.. But this has recently become an obsession of mine.

Two Quizzes, Sorry you have to follow the links because I'm not blog smart enough to transfer them right here. The first is more for Teens, and the second from National Geographic
Quiz #1
PS I scored embarrsingly low on the top quiz.
Which I will post after you take the quiz and comment with your scores.

I know people are quite fanatic about this issue, I'm not one of those people. Yet.
I don't plan on becoming one, but I do plan on becoming as green as I can stand to protect what's left of God's Green Earth while I am here. I know it wont' be around forever.
But I do need to be a good steward of what I've been given.

For a special treat a"Dorky" green photo of me..

And a more princess looking photo :)------->

PS. Hi to my neighbor to be!!
You should leave comments, I love knowing who actually read this blog.

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Stephanie said...

I got a really low score too.