Thursday, December 30

Working backwards part 1

Now that I actually have something to write about, I start to drag my feet then I'll be complaining in my brain that I have nothing to write about again, because all I am doing is playing farmville, watching Gossip Girl, picking up books after the baby and reading novels.

 So on to my brag worthy news.

I spent my Christmas in Whistler!
 To make it short, Caleb (the sit skiing brother) is living in the Athletes village and then traveling around the country and neighboring countries competing. So we rounded up all three siblings and the best friend and baby minion and packed a lot of food. 
 We arrived around 4 pm, should have been closer to noon. Aaron and I whipped up two lasagnas, one for the freezer and one for dinner. I thought about making potato soup, totally should have because I was too tired to the next night, and we ate lasagna again and debated about getting back out into the snowy awful roads. 
But I'm getting ahead of myself. We had my fake wine and played games after dinner, had some good laughs and stayed up way too late. 
 Moriah and Caleb rolled out of bed, and I was texted asking why wasn't I making the blueberry pancakes, which didn't seem wholly fair to me, since I was to be babysitting and trying to amuse myself in Whistler instead of cruising down the hills. So I made them start cooking and I came down to finish. Oh the highlight of my sleep was not being bitten by a strange bug, and hearing the rain pound on the windows/roof.

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