Saturday, December 18

7 Days - Day 1

7 Days - Day 1
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I am participating in 7 Days on Flickr. 
Lots of cool people are doing it. Like Bethany, Jen, SAJ

Caption : I've moved to a new place in the lower mainland, and my roomie took me to the Fraser River, and sadly it's nothing like the river I grew up with, and it's very dreary at this time of the year. But I love walking on the rocks and exploring.


HollyElise said...

The Fraser may be big but it really doesn't compare to the Skeena does it?

So many good Skeena or Kalum or Copper River related memories... And a good number of those involve you/your family! Haha :)

Rudee said...

Maybe you should revisit in the spring. Perhaps it's a perkier river at that time.

Bonnie said...

Oo yay pictures! So what exactly is the 7 Days Challenge?

Jadekitty said...

Rudee- I've been told that when the trees have leaves it's nicer and since spring comes to the west coast quite early, hopefully it will only be a month or two before I seen spring!
Bonnie - It's a self portrait every day for 7 days.. check out the Flickr group for more info.

Jen said...

Oh wow, honored to be called one of the "cool" people!

I'm glad you're participating. :)