Monday, September 1

Drugs are bad..

Of this I am even more convinced.
 I've developed sore elbow tendons, and have taken muscle relaxants for it (normally one because I try and advoid drugs in general)
  Well the other day we went to town, I bought myself some meds, and took 2. Promptly feel asleep for an hour and then not quite thinking straight I took another one when I got up. No pain, it was awesome.

Well about 3 hours later I was feeling awful but couldn't figure it out. Then it hits that I'm probably suffering "side effects" (My herbal course pays off) so I read the box, sure enough.

Things improved the next morning.. So I try to sleep last night, feel asleep pretty fast. But woke up feeling horrible.. So I'm still awake sipping my peppermint tea, hoping this all goes away very soon, because I am leaving for home in a few hours, and still need to pack.

On a better note the last few days of camp were a blast and I went to the wedding of two friends from camp last night, it was lovely.

I snapped a few photos but alas all are stuck on my camera.

See everyone soon!!

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