Saturday, September 27

In the Kitchen

With Darci... (who is half awake, and dazed. Just one of those days)

 So I am thinking of just adding extra noodles to the Creanmy Garlic one not knowing that there is Tomato and Pesto powder in the bottom of the second package. (which was open. Don't ask me how old it is)
The results!
A happy Husband :)
(on left is microwave rice) I didn't tell the husband because he is all into mixing spices and what nots. He said it was really good, but made him want Ice Cream :) (I know two carbs, but it took me less then 20 mins to make)

and for breakfast tomorrow: Chocolate Honey Bran muffins.. (from a package)
(the last tenant left Husband lots of food stuff)

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