Friday, March 27

Little Birdie update

1st birthday wearing her tutu
2nd Christmas (15 months)
Trying to peel an orange
Mama I want more crackers!!
Snow fun... 
She knew daddy was having a shower with out her.
Cute Pigtails
(doesn't my sister look good?)
Playing chess
Daddy & Miss Birdie
Fixing the dishwasher.
The only time she will sit still.
Sharing with Amariah 
This was her birthday present from me.
See her tooth on the left side? She had a little accident. 
14 months old
(these are all stolen from my sisters facebook)


Rudee said...

Oh my-she is adorable. I particular like her tutu look.

Smellyann said...

Aw, she is so cute! Great job on the tutu! And yes, your sister looks great - I'm jealous! ;)