Monday, March 16

To all you screamers...

To whom it may concern:

  When you are asked to verify your address or the last four of your social, it is for your protection. Not because I want to make you repeat the same information 3x before your issue is fixed.  Also if I ask for the last 4, it's because I can see it on a screen in front of me.

   Next time you are upset about the fact that you haven't been getting the service you expected from your phone, internet, or cable t.v.
Go read the E.U.L.A./T.o.S. you signed. Did you know that some cell phones companies don't actually have to refund anything, unless you are with out service for more then 30 days.

Most supervisor can't make that "stupid" technician come back out to your house tonight to fix the issue properly, and they also can't make them get there any faster then I can. Also they won't troubleshoot with you, and they are there to supervise us, not to take phone calls.

Besides more then likely the error came from between the keyboard and the chair.

 Because you work from home and don't have a business account doesn't make you any of a priority then the next customer when it comes to scheduling service calls. First come, first served basis here. (it's all a violation of some ToS)
 Back in the day when the internet went down at work, we would do all the tasks unrelated to the computer. So I suggest organizing that "insert messy area of home here", that you've been putting off. Instead of swearing your head off at me, because an Act of God, knocked out your internet.

Another thing, After repeating my name three times (plus in my intro) I will refuse to spell it for you.

1. Because you are too angry to hear me.

2. You don't deserve to know it so you can rant about me, to the poor soul who has to talk to you after have I've escalated you to a supervisor.

Because there is a fine like between being frank and rude. (which I still haven't quite mastered yet,Expect for the time, one of you said "She is going to hang up on me" and I mumbled "You wish" as I put you on hold. 

Did you know when you tell me "I know it's not your fault, BUT" and you continue tell me how upset you are and frustrated, "I would love to tell you to shut up and let me try and solve your issue". The more you complain, the longer it takes me to get to the root of the problem. With some of you, I don't even get there because I am so tired of being talked over or yelled at that I will schedule you a tech to come fix the issue even if this means the company charges you a service fee.

 When I apologize sincerely and you snap at me, telling me that I am being sarcastic, it actually hurts my feelings.
I take my job seriously.
  I am sorry that the last rep was unprofessional/uneducated and that has caused your life to be interrupted.
So next time you pick up the phone to call for help, please think about how the voice on the other end that greets you.
   Treat others as you would like to be treated, and go the extra mile by taking a deep breath and letting me assist you.

Yours Sincerely
 Someone who works the night sift so you can have 24/7 support.

PS If I do a good job, don't be afraid to ask for an email address or supervisor to tell them how much you appreciated my customer service!

This is an open letter to anyone who has ever yelled, berated, sworn or gotten angry at the CSR (customer service rep) on the phone or even in person for that matter when it was not an issue created by this person.


Eternity said...

I love you. I am so sorry that you have to deal with the crabby people of this world on a regular basis.

Rudee said...

I hear you-I get the same as a nurse. I practice patience with others because I know what it feels like to be talked to poorly. You should hear the language detoxing patients use. Ugh. I have to bite my tongue because I always want to ask, do you kiss your kids (wife, lover, mother, etc) with that mouth? I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

I noticed you've been following my blog. Thank you.

Smellyann said...

Oy vey, sorry for that!

Tamara said...

Darci, I don't know how you put up with these people. I think I'd friggin lose it on their arses! Either that or I'd hide under my desk and cry myself to sleep.

Russ said...

Wednesday, March 25 is the date? I am in a time warp! hi.


Jadekitty said...

I think I've fixed the dates. There is a slight quirk with setting publish dates, and having it scheduled.

This letter is something I've been thinking for a while.
My job is my choice, for the most part I enjoy it.
I've been convicted lately on tone and if it's professional or not.
But like a lady at work and I discussed last night, this job takes nice people and turns them into raving lunatics. So I am trying my best to not take anything personally.

Xosa said...

We really must have twin jobs right now. I'm leaving mine at the first opportunity.. you know how outspoken I can be and it just doesn't work when I'm supposed to be helpful and courteous to these jerks :)

Jadekitty said...

I tried so hard last night, then I just sounded depressed to myself :( But I have an exciting announcement coming up!