Monday, March 2


I am pretty proud of myself right now.  (sorry)
I designed my header and made the wrapper fit around it with out asking for Ben's help!
I may be a self proclaimed computer geek. But when it comes to web design. I skipped that class Oh wait, I was self-taught home-schooled plus geocites did all for you back in the day. This blog is stretching my html skills.
Thanks to Ben and his patient teaching over msn, I have retained and applied something.
 This post lead me to finding photos that I might just throw on face book.
Golden oldies. Anyone want to seem them?

Side note on my header: These are the flowers that Mr.Darci bought me yesterday!
Gerbera Daises are right up in there in my top ten (bonus points for him)
   This plant has muptiple blooms that have grown together. While photographing the plant and later thinking about a new header.
My mind wandered to how this makes me think of the two becoming one, and how both flowers would quickly die if separated from one another. Also how we shouldn't become separated from the Father, and how destructive separation from each other and God can be to the growth of your marriage.

 Ben at Dennys '04
Ben at Mr.Mikes'05

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Daughter of Zion said...

flowers sounds like a good sign