Thursday, March 19

Dust Bunnies

I started in on the storage room Tuesday, realizing if I drag out all the recyclables I'm hoarding waiting to return, I will have more space. Then I rearrange a few things, freeing up enough space to move the dryer out.
After removing 8 screws, and becoming covered in lint, I was able to see the back of the unit.

Which wasn't much help. But I did find two dimes and a few bbies and more lint, which I promptly vacuumed up. I couldn't access the lint catcher, because of a cover. I proceed to put it all back together, thinking that, "At least I was able to prevent a fire" After moving it back into place, I tested it out. To my shock there is no more rattling!
 Now I just have to do some laundry and prove my test!
 From the living room I can barely hear the dryer with the door open.

My shoulders have been hurting since then, and I was exhausted that night (4am) and even after lying there listening to the kids outside sleeping for at least 10 hours, I was still physically tired feeling. I didn't realize how much of a strain on my body it would be to move a few things. So hopefully tonight I will get a deep sleep. We are going to walk downtown tomorrow and get the mister's tax information.
I am waiting for the last storm of the season, it even has a name: Shelia's Brush. I tried to look info on the wiki, but to no avail.
  Today is very cloudy, cold and white, so maybe it's in the works right now.
We've been having such lovely sunny, but frigid winds & temperatures.

Last weekend was very social, we went to a "Beat the March blues" potluck dinner, with the sister church. The variety of food was mind blowing & mouth watering.  We listened to a gentleman from around the bay, who was very funny and used the most descriptive words. He had us roaring with laughter and giggling constantly. He painted the brightest pictures in my head, about growing up in Newfoundland. I wish I had it on video to share.

Then Saturday night, I went to a Great Big Sea, more details to follow in a post.
    Sadly I can't post my videos on YouTube or Blogger without violating copyrights, so I might just post them to FB for a short while.

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Smellyann said...

The potluck dinner sounds like a lot of fun!

Jadekitty said...

It brought back memories from home, and Christmas/Easter/thanksgiving dinners at the church :)