Sunday, March 1

2nd Anniversary

Today marks 2 years of marriage. One part of me can't believe I am celebrating this day, another part of me feels like it's been 5 or 10 yrs not 2.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do today with the ups and downs of the past 13 months.

I didn't bring up the fact that it was our anniversary soon. Last night I reminded him that we needed to pay rent tomorrow as it's the first (hint, hint).

So on the way in the door today after church I mentioned a craving for pizza and he said he would go to Sobey's and get one. Then he was sitting at the computer and he said to me "Today is the first right? Is it our anniversary?" (in his defense, He says "I knew our anniversary was the first, but I didn't know it was the first:) I had to laugh at this! I confirmed that it was, and then I told him Happy Anniversary. Then I asked if he was going to get me flowers when grabbed a pizza. He said he would get me "something", so I am waiting for him to get back! I admitted to him that I didn't get him anything. Not even a card. Oh, he's back! He just said "I found $50 on the way home!" I was excited and then he shows me the monopoly money.. :)
Stay tuned for photos of my surprise!

*Editor's Note* Oops, Oh well :)
 I didn't see the pink writing at the bottom of the photo until now (7 am Monday morning)

Love Note to my Husband:
On this day two year ago,
I chose you.
That choice I don't regret.
I can say I love you more,
today then I did that day.
I pray and hope we can celebrate
this day for many years to come.
I love and respect you.
Thank you for being my man.
Love your Starshine.

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Tamara said...

Happy Anniversary, Darc! :)

Clover said...

aww..... WHOOT WHOOT for you two!!!! :)

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Smellyann said...

Oops, I read them in reverse order. Happy 2nd anniversary!!