Saturday, March 7

Interview Me, Part 1

Clover asked...

10 things - MAX! - you'd take to a desert island.... and why, for each one.
  1. Bible - To be spiritually fed.
  2. A comb - to keep the hairs de-tangled.
  3. Gardening tools - To cultivate the ground
  4. Seeds- to survive with
  5. Machete - to cut things with of course :)
  6. I ran out of things..

Favorite words, and why:

Gossamer: of beauty and light/fairies.
Cherish: to loved unconditionally, or snuggling up the husband as I fall asleep.
Generally because of the mental pictures they invoke. FYI: At home I had started painting all my favorite words on the patchwork quilt that I painted on my ceiling. Of course I can't remember more then 2 of the words right now.

Jen asked...

1. How was it growing up with 11 younger siblings? Did you enjoy being the oldest, or did you long to be farther down the line? (Large families fascinate me.)

I loved being the oldest, I only resented it for a few moments when I see the younger ones getting to do things that I wasn't allowed to do. My parents have "relaxed" on a few areas :)

For the most part it was normal to have some monsters running around, that when someone was'nt there, I would do a double take and think "alright, who is missing?"
When I got my first full job at EF, coming home to the chaos was a lot harder. My tolerance was zilch.

2. How did you meet your husband?

I met Mr.Darci when he came to visit two of my BFF. I remember he laughed at everything I did that night and it irritated me to no end. He then said he would get my email from my friends, but sadly I heard nothing from him for at least a year and half. I had a huge crush on him and it was one of those years that every guy I met never followed up.

3. What is your favorite part of living out on the East coast?

How the weather changes from the wind every 4 hours :) Also the people that you get to know are so friendly and caring and open.

4. Do you plan to have as many children as your parents did?

Nope, definitely not. My max number is 6 (half as many as my parents) At this point though we are mutually agreed not to have children. Although I do have two black babies that support through World Vision.

5. If you could take an all-expenses-paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

New Zealand or Ireland. I love the beach but I would love to see either of these places someday.

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