Saturday, November 8

Taking a break

from listening to 13 things that don't make sense by Michael Brooks, *best part is that it's narrated by James Adams (lovely english accent) about challenging Newtons theroies on gravity, plus talking about dark matter and it's actual existence. I was knitting while listening and I started to become slightly ill feeling, not quite sure if it was to much brain work or the instant coffee/hot chocolate that I drank earlier.

Here is something light and fluffy, All the cool stuff we found at the famous 20% off the mall Customer appreciation day sale.
This was the crazyness of the geeks & nerds so we skipped it and went to see Eagle Eye, which was pretty good. Chase scenes made me feel a little ill and made me happy to live in Canada. Very Big Brotherish.

Maple leafs toque, Baby clothes on top (.40) All the clothes except black shirt, are from Cotton Ginny
and are the drafts, so they where buy one get one free. So Tanks where  4.00 each, and sweaters 7.00 (second one in photo below) Socks all .40 cents.
  No Gold. (for 45.00 including tx)
Cranberry pump soap & 2 bars.
I tried on a beautiful cream colored coat. It was only $359.00.. Just over my budget...


Smellyann said...

Looks like a fun day of shopping! I like the new boots! :)

Bonnie said...

OOO! I love rubber boots! They are so awesome! I would be lost without my rubbers!

Tamara said...

LOVE the boots!! I want a pair!

I never though I would own a "nice" coat..but I actually bought 2 yesterday! They were on sale for about $70 off so how could I pass that up?? I now feel like a grown up for owning a pea coat lol I think you should go back for the one your tried on ;)