Friday, November 21

No Boys Allowed!

Remember making those signs back in the day?
Anyways this is going to be one of those posts.. So I thought I would give it an appropriate title. Because I know I have at least 3 male readers. Who may be married but still don't want to hear about this "stuff".

Why is that some times one can be so affected by PMS?

I feel like my moving, and other major life changes have caused me to feel the effects in the past 8 weeks.
It's funny because it's really only the first 36 hours when I feel like I'm going die.. Now I know some men just don't understand this. But if you've ever had the period from hell, Guys you would just back away slowly while looking for chocolate :)
These are things I get on a regular basis:
  • headache or backache
  • appetite changes
  • joint & muscle pain
  • trouble concentrating or remembering
  • tension, irritability, mood swings, or crying spells
  • feeling tired
  • having trouble sleeping-or nor sleeping at all
The worst one ever was last month when it set me off on the weirdest non sleeping stage of my life. To the point where I had a panic attack at work.
I have always refused to be a worrier because I am prone to wanting everything to be perfect and planning everything.

 But on this particular night, everything went wrong at work. Plus I couldn't even tell you when the last time I slept for more then 4 hours straight, or when I had eaten last (I'm talking a full meal)
But I felt fine when I walked in, maybe a little tired, and strung out from my shopping spree.
Then I had to switch computers at work, normally I would be thinking "Sweet, less time actually taking calls"
Not that night, it was a large pain in the rear.

As I got ready to take my 2nd call in 1.5 hours I was faint, dizzy, and sick to my stomach.
I went to the front desk and I asked for First Aid (this is all slightly hazy) and the guy just stared at me, at this point I am gripping the desk to keep my legs from buckling and I am saying call a doctor, my body is crashing, my body is crashing. I was hysterical and I couldn't remember anything short term. It was scary.

At some point in the this whole episode a good friend walked through the doors, and rushed up to ask "What's wrong?", and I literally collapsed into him, because I couldn't stand up any longer. He got them in contact with Corb (who had the day off and was less then 5 min away)
I am so grateful for J walking in, because it turns out he had a panic attack and he knew right away what was happening and was able to calm me a little.

Because I knew that my body hadn't been given enough sleep/nutrition or care for the 2 weeks. But I am stubborn and I know my body well enough not to go to the Doctors, plus I don't have a family GP here.(that is another story in itself)

So to get to the point. I ended up taking a short ride in the ambulance. Trudy (my lovely EMT) was amazing, she just kept talking to me while she checked my vitals and she was so sweet and graceful.
I seen the waiting room and I looked at the nurse and said I want to go home. I knew I just need to eat and sleep.

Back to my original point. Knowing your body is a good thing, being un-wise in how you care for it is very very dangerous.

Having a GP you can trust is even better. I went to one 4 days after the incident at work, and he was the most rude, harsh, little doctor I have ever come in contact with.
I left in tears, and I told him after he was interrogated about what hospital I went to and why I didn't sit around for hours on end to see a doctor that night "That I hate doctors, and I don't care about this job, I'll just find a new one if they fire me for being off work"

When I left with my doctor's note and drug prescription in hand.
I was so mad and hurt, I called my mom and I was so upset, I think I might have scared my poor parents. But they made laugh about it, and I made it home.

I had an appointment for the following Monday with a Homeopathic Doctor, and it was such a radical difference. I think just being able to tell someone is taking notes and wants to help you heal yourself makes a world of difference.

I've been taking a few concoctions, and I've felt immensely better. But the biggest things I totally forgot to do when I first arrive here was but Vitamins. Like C, B6 and all the good ones. B6 has helped my anxiety immensely, to the point I feel Normal again :P


Clover said...

i can relate...
hugs for ya (((darci)))

Tamara said...

Darc that's scary! I'm so glad you're feeling better though :)