Friday, December 5

Enough bullets to kill you

  • It snowed finally! But it was after 11pm so I didn't get to enjoy it much, Only when we took the garbage out at 4am
  • I felt like sleeping at work, sleeping pills suck for me because they kick in at the wrong time of day
  • my shift has changed from 6:15pm-4:45 am, to 12:30pm-11pm. It's good but then I am not ready for bed until 4-6am which is bad. grrr
  • My husband is amazingly patient. I love to tease and annoy him. Pray for patience for him, and wisdom for me :)
  • On that that note. This is what he said to me tonight. Earlier I did something blond which he responded to with "That was an epic fail"  while laughing at me.  I went to kiss him good night, seeing as he had a headache, I put my hand on his shoulder and kissed it. He responds with a big owe, then I feel horrible for inflicting more pain. He says "It's okay that you fail at life, it's not your fault" 
  • I wrote my portion of our Christmas letter.
  • We took our Christmas photo, and I had a brainwave on how to send it out.
  • If anyone wants to be on the list to get one comment below. (One being Christmas letter and photo)
  • Is my FB photo showing off my death glare or you didn't face?
  • Enough bullets. Must go to sleep now....
Do go back two or three posts and let me know who has the best reason for Corb to be called Mr. Shiny!


Clover said...

i can't sleep at night without meds.... i take seroquel, knocks me out good. gotta give myself at least six hours for it to wear out of my system, tho!!!

Smellyann said...


I'm up, it's 2:30 AM...

Stephanie said...

Me please. I'll facebook you my address.

Adam said...

I am awaiting my Starbucks card!! :>)