Wednesday, December 24

Season's Greetings!

Dear Family & Friends,
(if you have been reading this blog for the past year none of this is new)
This is our Christmas update! 
    Our way was rocky, our path steep, but together we made it to the top of the mountain. Out of the valleys and fog, into the sunshine, where we both can see a bigger picture and the beauty that God created.

   Early in January, God brought me a word which I told very few people about at the time.
It was to cling to him and let him carry me through the hard times that were coming. When I did the blessings that follow would be so much sweeter after the pain & trials. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the future held for us.

Here are some of the highs and lows.
  • My uncle &; a dear family friend leaving us in the same week.
  • Corbett’s Grandpa going home to his final resting place.
  • Job changes
  • Camping
  • Camp Sagitawa
  • Moving to the East Coast
    The highlight of 2008 for me was (at the prodding of my wise mother) going to Moberly Lake. Aka Camp Sagitawa. On my life to-do list was: be a cabin leader, so I went for a 1 week and might have even misplaced my 15yr old camper. (eek)
After chatting with the Camp Director Gary, I could see there was a need for kitchen staff, and I thought why not?  (Mom had said jokingly “Clearly state what you want to do or they will have you working in the kitchen”) So I stayed for an extra week which turned into 2 weeks. By this time God had gotten a hold of my heart and showed me what really mattered and that my plans with friend and family were selfish and not concrete. So I stayed in the kitchen for 6 more weeks. I was blessed it laughter, fun and spiritual family fellowship, a great tan and stronger muscles. But best of all 68 campers made personal decisions to choose Christ.  As Kitchen staff we prayed, sang and rejoiced over the camp during “prayer meetings” in fun places (like the water trampoline) the best part of all was that worship and spiritual warfare became a lifestyle.
    To make a long story short, if you want to do something amazing with the summer of 2009,
check out{they can always use help}
    After camp I packed up my life into 2 suitcases and 5 Rubbermaid’s and flew to St. John’s, where I joined Corbett on the windy island city.
    We are involved in a church here, Corbett runs the sound board. I help where needed mostly setting up chairs and then taking them down after wards. Corbett’s friends from Halifax pastor the church and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them. 
  Corbett and I are both working at contact center, troubleshooting internet for home users.

   Future plans? To see where the winds blow us after the New Year, I would love to spend the summer at Moberly Lake again. Corbett wants to buy a boat and live on it, possibly back on the BC coast.
  I hope and pray this rambling tale finds you happy and healthy at this special time of year.
Love Darci & Corbett
P.s. Feel free to read back through the year for details :)

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