Saturday, December 13

I attract them..

Tonight while pulling a month and half worth of mail from our box, (at 11pm) a lady pulls into her driveway and gets out of the car and says hello to me. Don't ask me why.
 The guy from yesterday was even better. I am standing at an intersection, waiting for the lights to change. He takes one look at my long black coat catching the snowflakes and tells me that I look like a polar bear. After that we chat about how the pedestrian light won't change. Finally we brave it and walk cross together. He starts griping about Christmas, and so I proceed to tell him that Birthdays and Weddings are a lot of fuss for just one day too, and that at home we don't celebrate Christmas in the traditional way. But birthdays are the big events. Then he starts asking which bus I am taking, turns out he was going to the same place. So I hop on the next bus I see just to make sure I don't have to continue to listen to the F word being inserted every other word. (I was on the wrong side of the street)
 My implusiveness + buses always turns out bad for me, an hour later I ended up at my destination, sick to my stomach and wobbly legged. But just in time for supper with my man. At least my timing is good.


Sherri said...

hey Darci, I had no idea that your family spent Christmas that way. Very cool. So what traditions are you and Corb developing? Still no tree & gifts? Have you found an outdoor tree to decorate for your new Christmas tradition?

Jadekitty said...

No traditions here yet.. We might watch Muppet's this year :) No tree to decorate yet.. It's much to windy to try to do one outdoors sadly.