Tuesday, December 23

All of my favorite things

  • Kicking up dry snow, trudging through it to get home.
  • Hour long waits at work
  • Smiles, laughs, giggles at work
  • Finding people around you have morals
  • Knowing Christmas is right around the corner
  • Knowing everything is going to be okay, even if doesn't feel like it right now.
Not quite sure why, but I just felt the happy bubble start to well up inside of me at work around 4 am, while knitting and chatting with friends.

The topic... was pg-13 but interesting and entertaining. I sit in the "HR" row, basically if you are easily offended, you will end up in HR with a complaint.

Then I walked home in what felt like a winter wonderland!

Now all I need are those knitting lessons. I loving creating with my needles, and I know I could be such a blessing to others around me and even turn a little profit while I'm at it. But first I need to master the basics of knitting.

I love the Holiday spirit... I just wish people wouldn't take it all for granted.

My savior was born,and I can smile through the pain because I have a peace that passes understanding.
This Christmas I am learning about Advent. Growing up I never knew what it was about, or even understood all of the meaning and purposes behind it.
The candles are in so many windows around here, and it makes me smile softly every time I see a window lit up.

Well I shall sign off now seeing as it's 6:20am....

We are off to buy a vacuum with money someone gave us for Christmas( THANK YOU THANK YOU, to that wonderful and generous soul) later today.

I think I shall go crawl into bed to dream of Whiskers on kittens now.

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