Wednesday, November 12

All work, no computer play

Next Escapade in the kitchen shall be this.
 I was trying to look quickly for the Pampered Chef recipie which I used for the garden pizza from last post. All I did was bake premade crust, let cool. Spread cream cheese over it, and then topped with all leftover veggies. I would recommend not topping higher then .5 inch because it very difficult to each not having melted cheese on top as a final layer.

I keep taking lots of random photos but not uploading them, but wanting to post them. So I shall move to posting them all together, a few times during the week.

Here are a few links for you!

A Tupperware Giveaway with Charlene. Ends Friday

Want to be a Kidney Donor?

Reused wrappers + Creativity = Wallets (check out his blog from 2nd link)

Steph I've become a fan of the Leafs because I am wearing the hat :)

Also a few extra things from Fridays' madness, Mister got a white tie, and I found a 2 quart cup with lid that included cookie cutters. Plus 12 brightly colored silicone mini baking cups... Mmmmm Fudge..

Seeing as it's 4:40 am I should really go to bed. Because I shall be making a trip to get someone a copy of the New Wow...

2 comments: said...

Now I'm wondering why I've NEVER tried cream cheese on a pizza!?! Genius! I actually have some right now, I'll have to try that!

Tamara said...

Darci, I beg of not become a fan of those Leafs!! If you're going to become a fan of the east, at least migrate to either A)Boston or B)New York! Those Leafs are no good for the soul!

PS- I think we should both adopt good sleeping habits lol