Wednesday, November 5

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I miss the gentle winter rolling in on the BC Coast, here it has been coming in with gale force winds and I am freezing every time I step outside my little haven.
 Yesterday there was snow on the telephone poles, and a little on the grass. Tonight the ground is sparkly and frosty.  I am putting on so many layers just to walk 5 min to work.

I miss the friends I have at home, I have made new friends here but they are busy people. While I'm trying to find the balance of life/work/fun, I'm not so busy.
 But I should be busy, putting away all the random stuff I have lying around, photographing my new coolest swap items. Making this place a home and teasing the cat. While always managing to annoy the husband by excitedly pointing at my monitor.

I am learning to play Call of Duty 4, but it makes me motion sick, because I can't zoom the view out. Then I can take my frustrations out there after work.  I've lost interest in Guild Wars and refuse to be sucked in to World Of Warcraft.

 I also need to finish my on-going knitting projects.

Well I am off to tidy the living room and make husband happy by moving my computer further away from his.

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