Saturday, October 25

The cat came back the very next day...

Or so I hope.
EDIT: he came back. Do you know how scary it is walking around your backyard at 1amish on Saturday night with only a LED flashlight, trying to get a reflection of the glowing eyes on the top of my page.. Freaked me out real good. Leash and Collar and id tag always now.

Please pray my kitty comes back.  I miss him already and am sorry for getting mad and leaving the door open intentionally. Also I am sorry for dressing you up and laughing when you freaked out.  I even bought you a photo frame today...

Maybe you have become something like a child to me, I promise to teach you new tricks, like dancing and leaving on command, opening doors.

I also promise to clean out your litter box daily, not every other day or 3 days, or when I finally get around to it.

I promise to make the Husband be nice to you too, and not tell people you are annoying.

Because all you want is love.

(Trying to escape at home)


Smellyann said...

I'm sorry about your kitty! I hope he comes back soon. :(

Tamara said...

Yay I'm glad he came back!!! :)