Thursday, October 2

Why we don't have better a (insert gov program here)?

Have you seen this CBC article yet?

This makes me flaming mad. Let me be the minister and I would be making sure we are spending that money on things that benefit the next generation. Lets put that into the sports/arts/music programs the things we are complaining about losing. The things that spark a life long love of things that get the imagination going, or the physical being.

This is my rant for the day, which could go on and on.

Now for the lighter side :)



Anonymous said...

I think it's important that they correct what could have been a horrible mistake. Just because someone is arrested for something, doesn't mean they actually did it. They shouldn't even have said in the calendar that the two men were arrested.

D-Ann said...

I agree that maybe that not mentioning the suspects would've been the better thing to do. But was it actually necessary to spend that much money??