Monday, October 20

In the Windy City

By request, a life update

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(or shall we say, whatever I can remeber after pulling an all nighter)
Table setting by Janel
  1. We are moving 19 houses up the street, hopefully. You can see it from our doorstep, and it's about $300 less just for rent, and much smaller so it will feel more filled up with the stuff we have. The thing Husband likes is the Jacuzzi tub!
  2. I worked my first late night shift... We are talking till 5 am in the morning, and no I haven't gone to bed yet (it's 7:19 am)
  3. We had the launch service for Avalon Wesleyan church this morning! (did I mention that we get up at 7 am every Sunday to setup) 27 people attended! Lots of other exciting news regarding the church too.
  4. I finished and mailed my little Birdy's birthday present today.
  5. I haven't baked much lately, trying to steer away from the carbs, not feeling so thin lately. (Notice the word feeling.. It's all in my head/stomach, I haven't quite decided yet)
  6. Things are always interesting around the house with "Lucifer" aka Daxter.. I bought him a play toy from my adventure downtown and he has partially shredded it.. I don't know if that means he appreciated it or not. Of course I do get him back for his incessant meowing by making him model Tu-Tu's occasionally.
Thanksgiving dinner Contribution
So how is everyone liking the new "temp" Autumn background

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