Friday, October 17

My dream list

Oh how I would love to make both of these items, Shawl Pattern, Beret
I finished my first square and started another, this one I am using the Purl Stitch, the firstone I did with a Knit stitch. Now I just have to learn how to read a pattern. I have been requested to make a scarf so I may start on that before going on with my blanket, because his birthday is Dec 1st


Chris said...

Hey thinkin about you guys hope all is well and life is grand!! Do some sorta life update for us :P


Smellyann said...

Hey Darci - I'm finally catching up on some blogs and was excited to see your mention of my tutus - and you're learning to knit! That's great!! Let me know if you need any help. :)

Clover said...

i love that shawl.... wish i could knit that fancy, can't coordinate my knitting for something that fine, tho.