Tuesday, October 7

Random Photos from St. John's

I would have it again. Anyone else ever heard of it?
Cat in bag

Evil glare from Daxter
Military housing (on the way to vote)
Cool Clouds, (It was so windy on the way to the bus)



Juton said...

I loved that sign 30% off all Dummy books LoL who does that, and when if ever would you put it on a sigh; but in Newfoundland ROFL

Bonnie said...

ooo Pineapple Crush! That sounds so good!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, It sounds good!

I love the Dummies books.

God Bless!!!

Stephanie said...

My friend Andrew brought me some Pinapple Crush to try, it was pretty good. I wonder why they don't sell it everywhere else.