Thursday, October 23

Froggy Game

Have you ever played that game from back in the day where you have to get the frog to cross the lanes of traffic with out getting hit?
I seriously have to do this every time I want to go work. It's great fun when there are gale force winds with rain and you have your hood up and almost get hit, while carrying your supper.

But they have been working slowly for the past month on what looks like an pedestrian cross walk! So in the winter I can actually cause an accident.

I have so many random thoughts going through my head again. So I shall start a series of blog post on them hopefully.

  • How much Nutritional Value is really in Canned food?
  • The differences between the West Coast & East Coast.
  • Why I hate trying to be "Green Conscious" sometimes.
  • The adventures of moving 8 doors down. (Done)


    design for mankind. said...

    ha! frogger! i love it. :) said...

    Oh I love that game! They came out with a 3d version for the original PlayStation. My friends and I spend DAYS playing until we beat it. It was so much fun!

    TimW said...

    I'm curious to hear your take on some of the differences you see between the coasts...are there many similarities?

    Lianne said...

    Hey Darci! Thanks for the ideas of the smoothies for my son. I can't wait to try some new creations!
    I too wonder about the canned food thing...