Saturday, March 31

There are the things I did on my date yesterday!

Hatley Park
We toured the castle, and had a great time walking around the gardens. We seen the room that is Xavier's office X-men, and the pool table they had to take apart to film. It's regulation sized(meaning HUGE), In the gardens we seen Herons, and turtles, on our way back to the car we found a monkey puzzle tree, but the camera battery had died.
(Royal Roads University)
As it looked yesterday

Then went to Mayfair mall, where I was take shopping at The Gap, and my hunny bought me some boyfriend trousers :) He also found some cool dressy grey with blue pinstriped pants.

Then we were off to the Toyota Dealership..

To test drive
<---------- FJ Cruiser!! Our dream vehicle in a few years.

After taking a lovely sunday drive, we wandered around Old Navy and Linens N Things, and went to the movie Shooter. Which is good, a lot of death, and violence(to be expected)

It was a great day, with sunshine, fun and me eating too much popcorn.


Creepy Monkaze said...

sounds like a fun day:)
...MONKEY PUZZLE TREE! totaly awesome! lol! My grandma had a huge one in her front yard when she lived in Vancouver! Hehe monkeys lol

DaRcI said...

WOOT, someone didn't give up on me!