Saturday, October 9

Where's Waldo

I'm sorry for the long absences. Most days my life feels too boring to blog about. That's the honest truth.. Generally if I have anything to say, it's posted on face book these days, but I'm back with some news!

In knitting news:
 I'm working on the blanket I started back in June, it's only about two inches so far, because I am designing it as I go.

One of the two finished cloths
UFO.... (can you tell what the design is?)
I've finished two dish clothes and have one for my mom on the needles but I was really tired one night and now I can't seem to figure out where I left off. Every time I knit 3 rows I realize, I started on the wrong side. There is only 10 rows left. So I started a fall cloth. So far it's easy! I just wish I had some orange or brown yarn. But I am refraining from spending more money on yarn. Abbey doesn't seem to have a L.Y.S. I was cheated feeling when I realized what I thought was a yarn store, was actually just a store front for a movie or commercial that someone was filming.
 Knitwits Heaven has some great photos of Fall/Halloween dishcloths if your looking for inspiration :)

British Columbia
 I am thinking I might cast on a few of these Province/State dish cloths.
Now I just need to find a sock class or a teacher. I own Wendy's book, but I'm noob at knitting in the round. My only attempt was a hat that was oddly proportioned. 

Last Friday we picked up my car, it made it back to Abbey just fine. Although it does need some repairs. I smile every time I look out the window and see it parked below.

James, Tara, Aaron-(Brother) ~Stylists~

Saturday was Aaron's graduation from Blanche Macdonald as a hair stylist. I was excited to be able to attend, I also got to visit with my bestie Moriah and her adorable daughter TaSeti. It was very long bus ride there and back, but totally worth it. Congratulations little brother! He is going to be cutting my hair as soon as I get my dreads out. (yes, the day has come already)

I whipped up a wreath, but sadly it's not quite right, so I'm off to go find some twigs. First I'll check the second hand store down the street, then I'm taking my scissors into the bush and stealing some young tree's limbs.
 This is a dress that I found at V.V. a while back, but it's very oddly shaped. The arm holes aren't quite big enough and the dress is very when on. So I want to belt it, but I have no idea what to use. A scarf, a wide belt, a thin one? I want to wear it on tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner, plus I found some awesome shoes yesterday. I'll snap a picture of the outfit and post it later. Speaking of posting outfits, have you tried this website So much fun.
New dress
This month is my mom's birthday, so I am going to be taking a very long bus ride (22 hours) back home. Then thankfully I'll be road tripping it back with Caleb. So I shall be doing lots of knitting and reading 9 days from now.

My brother-in-law landed an awesome job in Calgary, so my little birdy and her mother will be following him there after the house sells. It's great news for them, but not so much for my family. I know my parents and siblings are going to miss them like crazy. Technically for me, it will be kinda great, becuase flights from Van to Calgary are less then from Terrace :)

Well I've procrastinating with this blog post, I should be walking up to the store to buy ingredients for my Thanksgiving contributions. 

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
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