Friday, August 24

25th Birthday!

On my birthday, I was able to sleep in and then go to EF and get a new phone!! Which I absoultely love.Samsung M620

Then we headed off to Prince Rupert. Leaving most of the sunshine behind us while we waited in road construction.
We toured around Atlin Terminal while waiting for the scooter rentals to open. I found a cool stationanery that you write on, fold up and mail off. It has Nancy Drew book covers on it!! We picked out a few magnets for family and drooled over the beautiful art. Then we rented scooters for an hour, and toured approx 10 kms of the houses and bay. It was awesome, except for the rain and wind at the end. I tried to make my scooter for up to the 60 khm mark. But no such luck.
We returned then and it started to pour rain. We rounded off the eveing at The Rain Lounge. Where we had yummy drinks, filo pastry baked appy like foods! It was a beautiful place with cool lights and decor.
When we arrive home, I learned that I missed a thunder & lighting show.. Aww, oh well.

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Tamara said...

I want to rent scooters in PR so bad! We should take a girls' trip & do just that :)