Tuesday, August 7

Riverboats and Cookies

Riverboat days!
We had beautiful weather, and I was able to take part in a lot more activities this year! We went to
the opening ceremonies on Friday night and heard the Spirit of Terrace preformed by the Terrace Band.

We also heard Dixieland play, they where really fun sounding.

We also enjoyed the fireworks, which turned into a long night because we went out to Caleb's birthday which was slightly insane.. bumping down a road crossing my fingers that we are going the right way. It was beautiful spot. Totally surrounded by the mountain range, with the stars and moon illuminating it. Sunday we listened to some music in the park and watched the volleyball games.

Monday we watched the duckys jump from the heli-copter and looked at the model trains. With a small walk in the sunshine, it was a great ending for my riverboat days.

My rant for the day is Mini Oreo's.

As a kid I love to pull them apart and lick out the white center. Well today I purchase a pkg, and totally blew any healthy eating plans. But as I'm walking back to work and crunching away. I'm barely tasting the white filling and feeling mostly black sawdusty cookie. All I can think is "great, now my teeth are full of black muck" Eww..

Then I turn the package over, 9 cookies equals 130 calories. I stop reading right there. I think these cookies will be donated to the childern, at least the calories will be well spread out :)


Gwen said...

It seems like nothing tastes as good as it did when we were kids! (Well, I was a kid long before you were, lol!) I recently purchased some of those marshmallow puff cookies, and I was so looking forward to them. They were my childhood favourites, a huge treat... but now I've discovered that they're totally disgusting.

How disappointing!

DaRcI said...

Totally agree! Things like Hot Dogs & Marshmallows just don't cut it unless camping, then I manage to eat one of each :)