Sunday, January 31

A long needed respite.

Alright peoples. 
The time has come. 
I'm taking a break. 
Right now it's planned for the month of Feb. 
I may post Friday fragments(if anything exciting happens) but otherwise I am going to abandon the pressure to preform. 
For some reason I really struggle with what to write. 
So while I am on my Bloggy Vacation, I'll be contemplating life, and enjoying life, all the while planning on what I want to do in Sept/ the rest of my life.


Bonnie said...

Good idea. I think I need to take a break from technology. Im becoming wayy wayyyyyy too dependent on it. I think I'm going to leave facebook for a bit. But I love my blog too much not to blog.

Lollie said...

Have a great time! lOve ya!!