Wednesday, January 13

What should I be in when I grow up?!
 This question is haunting me.
 There are so many fields of study that interest me.

 I have training in comparative live blood, and I am certified.
I've done three online courses through the, (Natural health, Anatomy, Herbs for healing) I've interested in helping people but I want a balanced approach. I want to do something that I can take world wide. So I won't be tied down to one city/state/nation. I want to be somebody and do something with my life.

The new year always brings out the list maker in me.

What do I want to do this year, where do I want to be, how can I get there? All of this plus the new developments in my love life (not positive ones) make me reevaluate what the heck I am doing with my life. I'm 27 years old. I have no career, no family (*of my own) and more debt then I am willing to admit to openly.

I am a need to stay busy person.
This drives me to read, and to be crafty. It's probably the driving force behind me wanting to go back to school soon.
 I have this time line growing in my mind, and it includes getting a job soon (temp one) going to Camp Sagitwata for the summer, and doing some online courses in September and working part time (Partylite or testing blood maybe)
 Paying off my debt and losing 20 lbs in the process.
The first thing that I found was a pdf for goals, and the second was a budget sheet. Now if I could just find some motivation, money and will power :)
 Some days I wish we could be like the movie characters that just plug into their chairs and get data and lessons  uploaded directly to their brains. I could be a marital artist and a English major and be some sort of Doctor already.


Rudee said...

It would be great to be born with all of the knowledge we need, wouldn't it?

I have no advice, except to say that they say those in helping professions seem to be the happiest. The happiest of all? Physical therapists. I think they find a lot of reward from helping people get better.

Good luck with your hunt for your calling. In my older age, I've found that nothing I do is an accident. I've been led down my path by a force stronger than myself.

Jenny said...

my sister in law does live blood analysis and does really well!