Friday, September 24

Etsy Finds Friday

SOAP Ultra realistic retro controller Green Apple Candy scent, Made by Inventor of Gaming Soap DigitalSoapsOld School Coin Slot Vinyl Decal Inconceivable - 4 Large Glass Princess Bride Magnets Goomba Vinyl Wall Art, Car Sticker

There is an upcoming family birthday. So I am scouring the web for cool gifts. Here are some of my finds.

Not on Etsy

Spoilt Spoilt

Cookie Loves Milk Cookie Loves Milk

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Bonnie said...

Tanisha has the spoilt one! It took me a while to get The first thing you see when you look at it is Dumbledore. Ya and I dont get alot of them...maybe I haven't watched enough movies! PS I love looking for gifts. Its so much fun!