Saturday, September 4

Color my world

I think I've finally settled on the colors I want. Well mostly settled. I spent an hour chatting with a colorist builting a palette.
  I am going with three shades for the bathroom, starting at Lemon Drops then on to Nacho Cheese and ending with Butterscotch. Lemon Drops or Slient Night Grey for the bedroom with Enchanted & Darkest Grape, and Jamaican Aqua Blue with Lemon Drops yellow for the second bedroom, and a Darkest Grape purple wall in the living room. With fabric accents of Venezulean sea & Gyspy pink. (go here to see the color fan)I am going to take before and after pics, so eventually you will get to see it :)  Ahem, sorry got a little distracted with the Benjamin Moore site.
 So now I just need to show my picks to the landlord and see if they faint dead away.

 I am excited to get working on this, because we've offically been in the place for two months, and the color in here, is boring me to death.