Tuesday, August 31


We went on the Sunday afternoon and there was so much to look at that see, I loved the photography and quilting exhibits. They had a chef doing some cooking and talking about garnish and why you should. I talked to a pro life group, and stupidly didn't get a chance to connect with the Partylite lady, but I found a Norwex distributor and a few others. I went to my first rodeo and wowzers that was an experience, I cringed a lot doing the bronco and bull riding. Brain damage has to be on the injury list. The Flying Fools High Dive Act was awesome, if you get the chance to seem them I highly recommend it. Check out higher quality photos here, These are from Penticton. We went back to see if they would do the fire part of the show and sadly they didn't, but I found a photo in the flickr line up.

Brian Doerksen played that night but everyone was pretty tired so we only stayed for two songs, but so worth it. 

Cancer Survivor
85 Ft High dive, 10 foot pool

For some reason  I hate the way this shirt looks on me... My boobs look huge and it's pinching my waist all funny. Is it just me being judgemental?

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