Friday, August 6


    Mommy's Idea
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     Ps.Mrs.4444's thanks for inventing this, it's so up my creek.

    1. Challah bread, I found this article and was inspired because this was a pretty easy ingredient wise, plus it didn't need bread pans, and I could braid it. (Since my sisters aren't around now, my fingers feel the need braid.. First it was Mr.Darcy's Hair, now it's bread)
    2. Blueberry roll up, the real name was Blueberry Pigs, but yeah. I don't like that at all. I used a crust recipe that didn't need shortening(grocery stores are a long walk from here) and it was way to thick and flaky, which normally I would love but not for this. Next time I will try the crust recommended.
    3. We have a vacuum! This is very exciting news for me because Daxter loves to shed, and our light carpet was starting to look like it was speckled with black all the time. No matter how many little balls I picked off the carpets! Yea for Great Aunts.
    4. Speaking of which I got to hang out with two of them today, it's really nice to get to know Mr.Darcy's extended family
    5. Paint.... So I need some expert advice and maybe some photo examples of what you would do.. First I need to snap you some photos. See next post or two.
    6. We had a loud thunderstorm followed by about ten min. of rain, which turned into a beautiful sunny day and so I attempted to back bread. But of course by the time the hard work rolls around, I was sweating again. I'm so not used to this weather yet. When it rains it's supposed to get cold not muggy.
    7. We went for dinner at the new favourite Thai place, and we are sitting at the bar and I'm waiting patiently  for the mister to pick what he wants and turn his attention to me and my paint chips (more on that later) and who walks in but his parents. So we ended up having a lovely dinner with them.
    8. OH. I hear the evil sound of hairball. Anyone want a cat? I am tempted to shave his fur so that he gets some relief from the heat. All though possibly selfishly so that I don't have to brush him or clean up the messes.. 
    9. Saturday has two events happening, Rock the river with Franklin Graham and also a family gathering of the MIL's family. So we have to figure which we are going to, and then how we are getting there. Anyone in the GVA should check out the website for the musical event, because they have huge names like Skillet and TFK  and more playing, and it's only $10.
    10. I might get to see some friends from camp this month, and maybe even have house guest in a weekend or two. So can't wait ;)
    11. I am weaning myself from FarmVille. It's taking up way too much time. Plus a certain someone wants me to play W.O.W. But I'm fighting the idea tooth and nail. I would rather play StarCraft2 and Guild wars...

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    Doreen McGettigan said...

    I never played farmville or any of those other games everybody in the world seems to be playing. I just do not have time. When I need a break from writing I usually blog around or play scrabble blast. Just hopping by from FF to wish you a very happy weekend!