Monday, August 30

Snack run

The other night I started craving chocolate and I tried to suffice it by eating chips. Didn't work, and I ate half the bag.  So I convinced Mr.Darcy to walk to the local 7-11 with me. It's a scary road some nights. I think we seen a hooker. At least it was a girl in a really high heels and acting very very strange. Wish I had it on video. Anyways so we are walking home and we pass a creepy guy and girl on the sidewalk. They offered to sell us some pot. The only thing that went through my head was "geez, that would just make my munchies worse".
  I have decided that there is no walking alone on this road after 5pm. Because even at 4 it's kinda scary.

**Disclaimer: I've never smoked pot or bought it and have no desire to do so.

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HollyElise said...

Guh, trying to eat something else when you're craving something specific *never* works.

I don't go out in our neighborhood without TeacherMan! At night especially.