Saturday, February 11

the games we play

Nothing new to post on the job front yet, mostly because I haven't dropped off anymore resumes or heard back from the jobs I wanted.
I realized that I don't do well not having a job, I need the schedule to order my life around.
yesterday my dad and I fixed my car, which is a huge relief to me, because the rear shock/strut was banging around sometime terribly. Now I just need to get the muffler replaced so that it doesn't sound like a racecar.
I am debating starting a feature called My blonde moment of  the day.
I have two for you today.
The first was when I setup my computer, I had my screen rotated portrait rather then landscape (all the words were still landscape) and an error came up, something along the lines of cmos error. So I was frusterated thinking that I had wrecked one of my hard drives in the move home. So I decided to do a little research after about fifteen minutes, I went and looked at  the scren again. As I started to rotate it, I realized it said Press f1 to start normally. Yeah, I felt just a little dumb.
Second brilliant moment:
Helping my sister with her horses, we moved the water trough which just happpens to be a bathtub. We got it flattened out (the warm water melts the snow underneath causing it to tilt) and we both stood on an edge and tried to make it sink into the snow little, well I decided to move one foot to the front of the tube, which didnt go as planned because that foot went right into the tub (which of course has water in it) and then I proceeded to fall off backwards into the snow wacking my leg really good in the process. It didn't hurt at the time, but I felt really silly, lying like a turtle on my back. Once Meleah stopped laughing at me she helped me up.
I shall leave you with a few photos from the past while.


Rudee said...

Excellent blond moments! I think we've all had them, but who failed to take the camera out with the horses? It would have been nice to have a picture of that.

Lynnie Ha said...

<3 the photos! :o)