Wednesday, February 1


*Blog rant ahead*

Another fear I've been working through is the fear of rejection.

I hate hate hate job hunting, mostly the work of dropping off resumes and/or submitting them online and never hearing anything back. I am slightly old fashioned in my thinking that at least if I drop the resume off,  I can talk with someone or find out who I should make contact with later. This whole online application thing really bothers me because I've had no luck at all.
 Last year while living in Vancouver I felt like I filled out application after application and months I received an email from a call center saying I should watch a video and if I was suited for the job, I should go to the interviews they were holding on such and such date. But at this point I was gainfully employed at Camp S.and about a thousand km away.

My experience in Chetty was good, I got a job on the spot. But that could have something to do with the lack of people in the area ;0)

For the past three weeks, I've just hid my head in the ground and enjoyed doing "nothing" work wise. But there are bills to be paid, and I didn't save enough to keep being unemployed. I don't know if I qualify for EI.(I also don't want to bother applying and waiting almost two months to find out if I get money or not)

So for now I am employed by Mikes Roofing as my dad's secretary/bill paying/office organizing person.  Which is awesome, but also stress inducing because there is stuff to do, but it's like being self employed and I would rather have someone hand me a to-do list with the hours that are expected of me.

I've applied at a couple of places around town and am hoping to get a few part time jobs, because I haven't quite figured out what I want to do over the summer yet.

Today while trying to figure out what to wear I was feeling frustrated because no one else was home to give me some fashion advice, but then Meleah and my parents came home! I ended up with an interesting outfit, and may even post a photo(if i get one I like). Update: I have photos, but they all need cropping and red eye reduction, plus I look like a box. Maybe next time I will the photos before I leave the house. At least I felt pretty, even if I looked thick.
I feel like I stand out a bit walking around town, but it's better then Chetty. I always felt out of place there when I dressed nice.

I went to order some flowers for a friend and I decided to not to my normal place (gut feeling). So I went in and there was a friend who I hadn't seen in ages. She was now working there, it was so lovely to catch up with. It felt like a divine appointment set up just to make me smile and lift me out of my horrible mood.

In your experience what is the best way to land a job? Or apply for jobs?

Thanks for reading!


Lynnie Ha said...

the only real job i ever had i asked to volunteer to get some work experience. so i volunteered a few hours a week. a couple weeks later they presented me with a paycheck, i was shocked. :)

Rudee said...

My last two jobs I landed with an online application. Granted, one of those was a transfer, but the first was absolutely all online, followed by an offer for an interview. Keep it up barrage style. Something is sure to come through for you.