Monday, January 30


Whoops.. I took a little unintended blogging break.  It always happens that when I am trying to keep things under wraps I run out of bloggy fodder.
  Since January 4th I have: quit the pizza delivery job, packed up my belongings, moved back to Terrace, moved into my brothers suite, packed up his belongings (haven't quite got them moved into the attic yet) Unpacked and sorted through my mountains of clothes, played mom for two weeks, shoveled way too much snow, procrastinated finding a job, decided to move on with my life and grant Mr. Darcy a divorce, won and lost at Monopoly, Crib, Trivial Pursuit, Crazy Eight Countdown and Scrabble.

That about sums up my life for the past 26 days. So now that you are all caught up, how has life been for you?

I am going to attempt to comment more on blogs, but our internet connection is finicky at best. So for now I'm sitting at the library.


Rudee said...

Yep. That's a lot of change.

Benjamin Davidson said...

Wow... I, uhh... I took some pretty pictures? Man... I don't think I've ever had a month as life-alteringly important as this one has been for you! Congrats on getting through it all. I'm sure the change will be positive! :)

kozimom said...

Wow! That's a lot to have going on. I'm sending you a hug and cheering for you ~ good for you, Darcy! You can do this!

Lollie said...

I am glad to see you again:)