Friday, March 16

Busy as a bee

It always happens for me, when I have bloggy fodder I am much to busy to write about it down.
I am going to try and schedule myself thirty minutes at least three times a week. No promises you will actually see what I write though :)
  In the last three weeks I have driven to Castlegar, BC and back home, Moberly Lake and home again. Which is total of at least 50+ hours of sitting in a car.
 So the past few days have been very relaxed and chill.
 I have yet to be hired for a "real" job but I have decided on doing some bookkeeping like work for two different companies. Which I plan to actually start applying myself to on Monday.

I'm about to go drop off another resume and apply online for a couple of part time jobs, and then cross my fingers.

Today I went to a dentist appointment at 9am and then realized that I had canceled the appointment thinking I would still be out of town. But had forgotten to remove it from my calendar, thankfully they were able to squeeze me in at noon, so I am now enjoying clean, shiny teeth.

How has everyone's first 2 weeks of March been treating them?

Any big plans for St.Paddy's Day?

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Rudee said...

That's a long time to sit in a car. Your bottom must still be numb!