Friday, June 19

Friday is Fragmented

  • We have a chat @ work, and there are at least 50 agents in it daily. Yesterday one of the women said this: "Hey Chris, all I need to do is boot my PC up with that dick in it right?" Nobody in the chat responded until Chris said "Yes just stick that DISC in"

  • Over heard while Mr.Darcy plays CounterStrikeOnline "Double teamed, just the way you like it."
  • Mr.Darcy "most controversial = WIN" When looking at Hoodies/slogans
  • I twittered this: I smell like Margarita, what do you smell like? I received these responses: Turkey,
    I smells like apricots, not to be confused with aprilcots!, napalm in the morning, polyurethane varnish. And this conversation spawned from it. Cathy is feeling rather out-numbered right now :( WHERE ARE ALL THE GIRLS IN THIS BUILDING?!?!
    Joshua: Girls smell. Apparently, Darci bathes in margaritas.
    Cathy: well I cant say I blame her...but that's not the point...there's way too much testosterone chillin' around me
    Joshua: Don't worry. Just give them food. They won't hurt you if you don't act like you are scared.
    Janelle: Josh bathes in onion juice and beer, so it's okay that Darci bathes in margaritas.
    Greg: So that's what that smell was all this time, thanks for clearing that up Janelle!
    Dione: We are all out getting a tan. But listen to Josh just feed them and they won't bite! **these are people I work with**
EDIT: added the link to the wonderful creator to day's fun~


Kris said...

Lol..I've never tried twittering weird stuff like that lol...funny!

Rudee said...

very funny post today.

Mrs4444 said...

It's nice to know that your job is a source of entertainment :) Loved that chat thing!!

I checked out the shirts. They're very controversial, aren't they? Though I agree with the message, I'd be afraid of getting attacked if I wore one!

Thanks for joining in FF!!! To help spread the word, will you please link back to me? If you need help, I would be happy to teach you how :)